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An immersion blender is actually pretty good at getting air into the mixture. So, by your own logic, it is not the right tool for the job. If you want to fold the mixture without adding air, do it by hand with a folding spatula. This works great for stuff which foams easily otherwise. For a cheesecake filling using cream cheese, you might want to beat it ...


The place I learned how to make cheesecake used an immersion blender. because that is what the person teaching me preferred to use. Technically it works, however it was a real pain. I couldn't get the cheese to seperate from the bottom of the bowl. The instructor finally took over and reccommended I use the mixer. Also you cannot feel the consistency as ...


There are a number of technique that you may find acceptable as alternatives to an oven, it in part depends on what equipment you have available. Any of these technique have their champions and recipes can quickly be found with a web search. Try "stove top cheesecake" and you will find recipes for using a covered frying pan for instance. I personally have ...


Line the Pan with light film of Butter, using a Paper Towel, Run the Butter all over the inside 1st, then Flour and shake Pan till Flour is evenly distributed and dump the remainder. Should be a Powdery even film all through the 9x13 Pyrex Dish. YOUR CHEESE CAKE WILL NOT STICK WHEN USING A PASTRY CRUST.

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