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How long should I keep minced garlic in lemon juice?

There is no need to give it time; the few seconds the garlic spends in the lemon juice while you're figuring out what goes in next is already enough. The thing here is that the acid isn't making the ...
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How much vanilla can alcohol extract before the solution is "saturated"? How do I reach that point?

According to various chemical references, vanillin (the most recognizable and abundant component of a vanilla aroma) is soluble in ethanol at up to a 1:2 ratio. And according to various random ...
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Is salty tongue effect normal after eating sichuan peppercorns?

if you have some recipe with Szechuan chilies and you are getting salty tongue when tasting it, add a little sugar (or more sugar) and that will counteract that. I made some chili crisp that ...
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