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Why did my smoked boneless chicken breast come out dry and without apple flavor?

As moscafj's answer correctly states, the lowest average temp on that grill is more like 180-200F so you annihilated that poor bird! Even though the final temp may have been 150, it was almost ...
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Why did my smoked boneless chicken breast come out dry and without apple flavor?

I'm not sure where your numbers are coming from. According to the Pit Boss Lexington manual, the lowest smoking temperature is 200F (about 95C). It looks like your temperatures are off. Also, three ...
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Using up raw chicken with freezer burn - how to cook to make the best of it

You can still save this breast if you: Use a velveting technique to give it a silky texture and help retain moisture when you stir fry it boil in broth and shred it (for a salad or a soup, for ...
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Why chicken colour is like this?

This looks like it dried out. Presumably, you opened the package a few days ago, removed a few pieces, and kept the remainder in the fridge. It looks like you had another piece atop the two ...
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Why chicken colour is like this?

"When in doubt, throw it out." Guaranteed food safety is worth the ten bucks or so for new chicken. 💜🐔
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How do you cook chicken breast in a gas oven evenly?

Chicken breast is hard to cook well which is why overcooked chicken is such a cliché of large catering contexts. You can give yourself an easier time by switching to thighs, or changing cooking method ...
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Safety of chicken after thawing temperature at the wrong temperature

This question is not answerable with the given data. After 1.5 days, the chicken should be the same temperature as the fridge (or colder, if not fully thawed). So we have two possible scenarios, that ...
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How to prevent excess foaming when poaching chicken breast

I would recommend that you try to use ‘fresh’ (not previously frozen) meat, especially if you are freezing it yourself. Freezing meat will damage cell structure (due to ice crystals forming in them) ...
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