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That recipe is merely chocolate-topped, so you will find better, probably using cocoa powder. However that may still not go far enough. I have tried to make chocolate chip flapjack by using dark chocolate chips and stirring into the melted mixture before baking. I did this after the adding the oats and after a bit of cooling, with as little stirring as ...


If I had to guess I would say your filling is not cold enough when you dip it so it starts to melt and pockets of air form when it comes into contact with the warm chocolate, which then doesn't cover the egg properly, causing filling to leak when it warms up a bit. Try putting the fillings in the freezer for a bit (30 minutes to an hour) after you've shaped ...


I recall my mother adding a tablespoon of butter per pound of chocolate at the end of the tempering process but the shine would only last for one day

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