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Adding Mycryo is not cheating in the least. All you’re trying to do is to create the correct cell structure and this is what you do with seeding. If you can’t get Mycryo and have access to a sous vide circulator, you can make your own “cocoa butter silk”. Do a search for this. The chocolate alchemist has the method and it works flawlessly.


You'd have to do it at the time you form the loaf for the first bake. One way would be to use a layer or two of chocolate sticks (as used in pain au chocolat but seemingly sold as "croissant sticks"). This would be very suitable chocolate as even melted it's not too runny. You could probably split them to get more, thinner sticks. You could melt chocolate ...


Perhaps she could make "regular" pancakes and use the melted chocolate candy bar in place of traditional syrup? Imagine, a stack of hot pancakes with melted chocolate poured over them... perhaps a fresh strawberry on the side. oh my! I might have to make some for myself!

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