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Like anything else food-related it's a matter of risk. If I'm picking raspberries straight off of my bush I often eat them without washing, but if I have a lot of them from the store I wash them as I don't know what they have been exposed to in packing and transit. Many people do not do this and get away with it just fine, occasionally someone gets sick. How ...


It looks like Martha Stewart answered this question in a blog post last year. She covers berries in general. To recap: Wash them in cold water, by placing them gently in a bowl of ice cold water. Wash them promptly before cooking, so that the excess moisture doesn't stick around and cause the berries to rot.


As the coloured component Curcumin is soluble in oils not water it may help to wipe the dry and washed pan with oil. Hopefully the colour will be absorbed in to that oil rather than into the next dish you cook. You may leave the oil on while the pan is stored and wash that oil off before cooking the next dish. Turmeric does not seem to stain the plastic (...

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