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Canned Coconut milk is curdled when opened

I didn't notice an exact duplicate of this question anywhere, but it's quite common for canned coconut milk to separate leaving an opaque white solid layer of fat and solids, and a thin watery/syrup ...
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Geographic variations in coconut milk

If you examine the ingredients on different brands of tinned coconut milk you can find percentages of coconut ranging (and I used the Tesco Supermarket website to get a sampling as they always list ...
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Geographic variations in coconut milk

Coconuts don't vary that much around the world, so coconut milk is pretty much the same no matter the source country. I have tried coconut milk from many places and prices and I've never found a ...
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What liquid should I use in a mango curry?

If you want a curry to taste strongly of mango then the liquid you should use Eaten by itself mango is very flavorful, especially when fresh and ripe, the frozen mango I've used is not ...
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Coconut milk in iced coffee

This is a common problem with coconut milk in cooler drinks, most commonly coffee. Coconut milk is approximately 25% fats (Source: which will coagulate in ...
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Homemade fermented coconut milk

I'd go with "certainly not safe" - and probably rotten. Even for fermenting foods like yogurt or sauerkraut you need to follow a certain protocol to ensure the end product is safe. Yes, a pot of milk ...
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Why does coconut milk separate in coffee?

Regular milk is an emulsion - a liquid [fat] suspended in another liquid [water], in its simplest terms. Coconut milk is a suspension - a solid suspended in a liquid. Mixing an emulsion into another ...
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Store bought frozen coconut milk

you can keep the coconut milk for 3 more days and that's the maximum after this time you find that it begins to coagulate and that smells fowl. i bought coconut milk for a prawn recipe for valentines ...
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Can you make sugar free whipped cocunut cream?

First, know that sugar is not a required ingredient when whipping cream. It will come together fine without adding anything to the cream. As to coconut milk, it typically has a fat content around 25% (...
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What liquid should I use in a mango curry?

maybe you should add mango jam ?
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What liquid should I use in a mango curry?

From what you have shared @ShadySpiritomb, I think the root cause could be the use of frozen rather than fresh mango. Most fruit has a very high water content, and freezing will cause the cell wall to ...
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Geographic variations in coconut milk

What will affect the most your recipe is not the geographic origin. Rather it is the fat content. Personally, I look at total percentage of fats, first. Then starting with the highest fat option, I ...
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Geographic variations in coconut milk

At least where I live (Florida), every brand of coconut milk seems to come from Thailand. Sure, they are marketed as Hispanic, West Indian, or various Asian brands, including Thai, but if you look in ...
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Coconut milk substitutions?

You might make your own cashew milk, but I wouldn't recommend using commercially prepared ones, possibly with a bit less water than than most online recipes ... it tends to be thinned out to make them ...
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How do I extract coconut milk from coconut meat?

Break Coconut Remove the meat from coconut carefully using knife or use desiccated coconut then grind the meat in blender with some water or other option is to scrape coconut meat carefully. If you ...
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Can coconut cream be transformed into coconut milk, or vice versa?

For converting coconut cream into coconut milk There seems to be a lot of disagreement, so you'll probably need to experiment (like #5 below suggests). Answer 1: BobMcGee says you "can't convert ...
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