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Caramel syrup, as the name says, it is a syrup, so it is composed mainly of sugar and water, then cooked to concentrate the water and caramelize the sugar. Caramel sauce on the other hand, usually contains heavy cream or other sort of fat-heavy component (some people add butter, or vegetable cream) to make it similar in consistency to a ganache. The ...


Maybe filling up the filter cup with steel balls will help.


Coffee hates boiling water - or more specifically, water boiling at 100°C - it scalds it & kills the taste. but read on... There are basically two kinds of instant coffee, spray dried & freeze dried. Both start by making up 'real' coffee. Spray drying is achieved by then super-heating the mixture & spraying it out into an evaporator. The powder ...


I'm not totally sure the answer to your question, but you should look into Turkish style coffee. The style is based on grinding the beans super fine and then boiling it with water. This is a decent primer. Specifically pay attention to the foam that forms after boiling. I think that's what you are ...


Mine blew apart over medium-high heat. Glad top burner.

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