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Yes, You can put a whole stick of cinnamon if you like the taste in your coffee or tea. But but grind cinnamon powder will give you perfect flavor. The reason is stick is very tightly coiled, the hot water may not reach the inside of the coil.


I know this is an old post, but yesterday I made Coffee Cherry Jelly and this recipe worked quite well. I took inspiration from the Yemeni recipe for Qishr and I used fresh coffee cherry skins that I had frozen after each harvesting batch of coffee. The recipe was: Put all the coffee cherry skins in a pot Fill the pot with filtered water to just cover the ...


I stir after a minute of steeping. CO2 released from the grounds has raised them to the surface snd stirring gets them down in the water. I stir with a wooden chopstick because I’ve cracked a number of the glass cylinders when using metal… early morning clumsiness.


To expand on a couple of the comments: A french press is a coffee system used to filter a suspension of coffee grounds out of (very hot) water and contain them at the bottom of the canister. In many cases the canister is made of glass. As the linked article says: French presses with a glass carafe are an extremely fragile type of coffee maker, quicker to ...

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