Specific questions about cookbooks. Please do not use for recommendations on what cookbook to use.

While we don't have a firm "cookbooks are off topic rule", most questions people want to ask about them fall into the classic Stack Exchange closing reasons. Note that we do not accept big-list questions or "best one" questions. So following types of question on cookbooks are likely to be closed:

  • "I want to start with cooking X, please suggest a good book for that"
  • "Which is the ultimate cookbook on X"

If your question is of a different type (not a recommendation which book to read), you can ask it. If it is in a grey area, the moderators and other users will work with you in formulating it in a way which can get good answers instead of getting closed.

We are currently experimenting with allowing questions about book recommendations if they are specific enough, so the problem is not "lists of books meeting my criteria are easy to obtain, which one to pick" but rather "I can't be sure that even a single of the potential books meets my very specific criteria, can somebody confirm that some book does meet them". If this is what you need to ask, please try to be specific in listing objective criteria.