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Why do shrimp / lobster / crab turn pink or red when cooking?

Crustaceans like shrimp, lobsters, crabs and crayfish have a pigment called astaxanthin in their shells. Astaxanthin belongs to the terpines class of chemicals of which the carotenoid ¹ class is a ...
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Why NOT use raw flour to bind crab cakes?

I think that if you used flour alone as a binder it will just make them sticky and glue-like in texture once heated. The reason for that flour does this and cracker crumbs or bread crumbs don't is ...
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Why NOT use raw flour to bind crab cakes?

It's not for the reason you think. The issue is that the flour would still taste raw when you served them, and that's not very pleasant. Because the crab meat is pre-cooked, crab cakes don't need ...
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Why do shrimp / lobster / crab turn pink or red when cooking?

This is most probably due to the occurrence of a specific carotenoid (Astaxanthin) in their body. This carotenoid (like many others) is susceptible to enzymatic or nonenzymatic oxidation, which ...
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Crab - brown meat looks grey

Did the shell on the grey-brown one seem heavier or look weathered? I have had this more with local caught when I was on the coast than commercial crabs, but, I have had occur something which sounds ...
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How do I extract the crab claw meat clinging to, and covered by, the shells?

Cut the shell lengthwise (best with a pair of kitchen scissors), open it up, and pull or scrape the meat out.
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Proper freezing for King Crab Legs

Keep them frozen. Freezing and thawing will impact the texture adversely. Wrap them well. For 7 days you will not have a problem. For longer storage, vacuum sealing is better so that you avoid ...
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Best way to bind crab cakes

It probably depends on how you’re planning on cooking your crab cakes. There’s a style of Maryland crab cakes that are baked or broiled (top heat only) in an oven that don’t require as much binder as ...
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Do leech eggs on crabs harm humans?

Most crab legs are packed in ice after being caught. Most of the lice do not survive the freezing process. They definitely do not survive the cooking process and do not harm the meat. It is unclear if ...
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Why does Phillips Crab taste like chemicals, unlike M&S's Orkney Crab that tastes natural?

A quick comparison of the listed ingredients shows only crab meat for the M&S products (clearly visible in the photos in your question), whereas the Phillip’s website of the pictured product says: ...
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Proper freezing for King Crab Legs

I remember my parents freezing their seafood in those waxed milk cartons filled with water(?). Turns out that's not far off. A number of resources suggest using a brine (salt water solution) in a ...
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