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Yes, you can try adding more cream in without hurting anything. However, when cooled it may not mix in very effectively, depending on how thick it already is. If you have trouble you just need to heat it up a bit and it will mix in no problem. Of course, heating may be a better option than adding cream in making it more workable. If you add cream it will be ...


Yes you can, just warm everything up gently over a double boiler or in the microwave and mix thoroughly.


"Matured cream" is definitely a thing; it's known variously as sour cream or creme fraiche. Traditionally, these were produced by taking some unpasteurized cream and waiting for a little while while naturally occurring bacterial cultures go at it. Commercially, they are now produced by pasteurizing the cream, inoculating it with specific bacterial ...


Most people would say it's gone bad, or gone off, yes. Since you didn't ferment it intentionally, there's no telling what it is now, and you should throw it out. Cheese is a fermented food which develops slowly as it ages. Maturation isn't random or by chance. The environment is carefully controlled to ensure the fermentation process continues smoothly, and ...

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