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...not sure if this relates to your question, but i would use it as a shower rinse or a bath soak maybe with a dash of honey... ancient Egyptian spa treatment for the whole family...*just rinse well after ;) hmmmmm yumm


There are certainly culinary uses for burnt milk. You could make burnt milk ice cream, or burnt milk pudding. The second link is from the NYTimes, in case it is paywall protected, here is another example. It might be worth an experiment to see if it is to your liking.


It's impossible to remove the flavour of burned milk once it's reached that point. That being said, even though it's not edible you could probably try to salvage it into some sort of a like beauty thing or an art project with some flour. And if all else fails, you could probably reuse it as fertilizer in your garden rather than pouring it away into the sink.


I'm sorry, but there are no good news here. First, you cannot remove the flavor. Whatever you do, the flavor stays there. (This question goes into more detail about why you can't remove flavors). Second, there are no culinary uses for it. Of course you can do stuff with it - turn it into yogurt, cheese, etc. But see point one: the flavor will still be there. ...

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