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The main problem with cutting boards and sanitation is that you, well, cut them. Those cuts produce channels where bacteria can hide and survive even a good cleaning. But the main worry is with wooden cutting boards, because of how they get cut (cuts on a wooden board produce deeper more 'cavernous' channels where bacteria can hide) but also because they ...


I always considered the advice to be like a second level of defense: Proper cleaning should be enough to make the board suitable for any task. And not everyone has multiple boards, just saying. However, nothing and nobody is infallible. Using separate boards for various uses helps in the rare cases when something went wrong or someone did a sloppy job. In ...


I'm not sure I understand the question. In a cleaning situation, where you are using soap and water, there is no reason you can not clean your boards together. Once you have clean boards, there is no reason they cannot be stored together. The potential issue is cross-contamination. If there are no contaminates, there is no issue.

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