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There is always a threat to food safety when thawing above refrigerator temperatures. There is nothing about a sheet of metal that changes those safety considerations. By the way, you can achieve the same result with a stainless or cast iron pan, and therefore don't have to purchase a "defrosting tray." This works by conducting heat away from the product ...


Refreeze it. You know how long it will take to thaw now, so put it back in the freezer if you are concerned. There's all sorts of myths saying re-freezing is bad but there's no risk. It may impact the texture a bit, but it's better than it spoiling.


The cell walls are now damaged from the freezing, so they cannot keep like whole, live vegetables. They are in the same position as if you had damaged the cell walls by heat = cooking them. So, apply the rule for cooked food. They will be safe for 3-5 days.


It is COMPLETELY SAFE to defrost a frozen cut of meat in ~140 F water as long as it is 1" or less in thickness... it takes no more than 10-12 minutes... such a short period of time that bacteria have no time to proliferate to dangerous levels. Just place it in a ziploc bag to prevent it from becoming water logged. The strange reasoning that it would be ...

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