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After managing restaurants, where chicken was a staple, frozen chicken does very well, under a small stream of running water, thawing safely. If you thaw in refrigerator, put your chicken on bottom shelf, avoids cross contamination with other items


There is another food safe option to thaw meat quickly, and it has saved the Thanksgiving meal of many cooks: In cold water. To ensure that the meat stays in a safe temperature range, frequently changing the water is required, ideally by running the cold water tap just a bit. The meat itself will act like a huge ice cube, contributing to keeping the ...


If the restaurant in question has a walk-in cooler (an insulated room that is cooled to fridge temperatures), the lamb could be defrosted there.


Food safety rules are written around the ways bacteria reproduce, not around the chefs' convenience. There is no difference in the speed of getting unsafe between different types of meat (or any other type of non-shelf-stable food). Yes, the lamb is also meant to be defrosted in the fridge. And cooking from frozen is indeed not an option. So yes, you are ...


If I am defrosting meat in order to cook it, and I am cooking at safe temperatures, then why should I worry about how I defrost my meat? If this were true, wouldn't it then follow that it would be safe to cook meat which has already spoiled, so long as you cooked it at a safe temperature? It's not true. While the bacteria would be killed by cooking at a ...

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