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I believe that by cooking the dry strawberry powder in your cookie mixture, you are inadvertently rehydrating the strawberry substance with the small amount of liquid available within your mixture, primarily from the butter. This isn't necessarily an issue, but like you noticed it does mean that you have less liquid for the rest of the cookie to make use of, ...


Heat the scoop? source If you are serving lots of ice cream maybe you already have one of these. If not it might come in handy. The flowing water warms up the scoop which then more easily cuts its way thru the hard ice cream.


A quick but probably undesirable answer is that you can add alcohol to ice cream in order to not allow it to freeze as hard. I'm guessing however that you are not looking to get your patrons drunk and to be fair I can't imagine an alcohol that would go well with peanut butter, so we won't go with that. That being said ice cream freezes very hard when there ...


Let it sit and partially melt, until it is soft enough. That should solve your problem! As pointed out in comments, storing it at a slightly higher temperature should prevent the problem from happening in the future.


I did an experiment with chocolate chip cookies at one point very similar to this, have you tried subbing out the butter for margarine? If you want a crispier cookie, butter is the way to go, however, margarine leads to a softer, chewier cookie in my experience. I agree with Onyz that you’ll most likely need to increase either the butter/margarine or other ...

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