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Here is a good article explaining the different types of molasses. Excerpt: True treacle dates back to Victorian times. The pale, refined molasses is notably sweeter and has a much more mellow flavor than molasses. Nowadays, treacle is a blend of molasses and refinery syrup. It ranges in color from light gold to nearly black. British treacle can be ...


Treacle is a more general term meaning a syrup formed during the sugar refining process. It can range in color and consistency. Black treacle is molasses, but there are lighter versions of treacle. Of course, the flavor profiles will be different depending on the type of treacle. For toffee pudding, the use of molasses will work, but the flavor will ...


Yes, roast the almonds. Be careful not to burn them. You can roast them in a dry skillet, tossing them frequently until aromatic and slightly darkened, or in the oven for maybe 25 minutes at 200°F (95°C).

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