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I don't have the exact same experience, but I did have some egg pasta noodles I'd already rolled out in the fridge for a couple days, and they discolored like yours did. I cooked them anyway and really didn't detect any difference. I felt, if anything, the pasta might have been a bit firmer than if I'd cooked it fresh, but I'd think that has more to do with ...


What must be happening is that your dough that is waiting while you model the others in the shape of pizza, is getting dry. If you keep the dough well moisturized should facilitate your handling, I advise throwing some water using a spray in the doughs that are resting while you work with the others.


The warmer the dough is during fermentation, the faster the yeast multiply and produce carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide production rate maxes out at around 90°F). So with very simple recipes, this entire process can take place in just a few hours. Experienced bakers and pizza-makers know that this is not the best way to make dough. Though yeast produces ...


Try cold fermentation, then take the dough out one hour before cooking. You'll get the leopard spots.


Kneading aids gluten development, which does facilitate dough stretch-ability. You do need to let the dough rest, after kneading. This allows for hydration, but also lets the gluten structure "relax" so that the dough can be stretched. Gluten development also impacts crumb texture. So, for, say biscuits, you would not want to knead and develop gluten. For ...


Foolproof way: lightly oil the dough ball and place it in an empty bread bag. Remove all excess air from the bag, then twist the end of the bag closed and tuck it underneath the dough ball as you place it in the fridge. This has numerous advantages: in a cold ferment (CF) dough, you generally want it to be cooled as quickly as possible. This method ...

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