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It is basically impossible to do that in home conditions. Assuming that you are starting with the whole vegetable (or fruit, or flower...), the closest you can do is to turn it to juice. Actual extraction is almost always futile - the solvents in the kitchen are limited to fat, water and alcohol. Fat is completely out of the equation, both because it won't ...


I know you can color foods with natural-dye ingredients, like using spinach powder for green, beet powder for red, and so on. These will change the taste a little, but it doesn't have to be much (especially if you can keep the color powder on the surface). I realize you're concerned about the taste difference, well, I've heard of cupcakes made with ...


"natural" green food coloring is chlorophyll. Try putting some spinach into a blender, and letting the result drip through a coffee filter. For purple, boil red cabbage in water, then strain and use the boiling liquid. Note that the precise color will be affected by the acidity of the drink.

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