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How can I substitute Egg Noodles for Rice Noodles in a Pad Thai?

Usually, you would just soak the rice noodles in hot or boiled water for a minute/couple of minutes according to the packaging and then mix them in the with other cooked ingredients. With egg noodles,...
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Is the typical value (as consumed) refer to the product after cooking or before cooking?

Nutrition tables give the value for the product alone, as is, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Cereal sometimes describes a serving as Xg cereal plus Yg milk of a certain fat content, for example. ...
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Pasta sticks to rolling cutters

Any moisture left on the rollers/cutters is an issue in my experience, and if left can result in pitting or corrosion either of which will be difficult to overcome. Qil I would think would not lead ...
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