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The same thing happened to me. I think in my case the coffee I used to dip the ladyfingers in was too hot - it should be room temperature or cold. If it's too hot, it can mess with the eggs and mascarpone.


The proper way (French Larousse Culinaire reference) is to use only egg yolks. But like everything else in cuisine recipes, whatever you like is good enough.


Here in Australia we've been told that watery egg whites means they are not fresh eggs. Maybe you need to see if you can get them from a more local producer. Good luck.


Storing eggs in high temperatures and low humidity will speed up the ageing process and cause whites to become watery. Try sourcing some eggs from another producer as another coop may have better conditions and therefore better quality eggs. In the summer, hens may lay eggs with watery whites even though they are kept in good conditions. The older the hen, ...

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