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In theory you should be able to reach your goal, sort of, borrowing from the Japanese Onsen egg and the Sous Vide technique. Serious Eats has an article detailing the results of slow-cooking eggs at different temperatures just around your given 70 C for further reference. You should aim to keep the water around the egg as high as possible and do so for the ...


You cannot. 65 degrees Celsius is needed for sof boiled egg. I omitt the time as it don't play a role. For hard boiled you need higher temp to affect the yolk. Now, you can't even make a soft boiled egg the way you describe as your water temparature will drastically drop after introducing egg (with assumed much lower temperature. Could be even 4 degrees if ...


I cooked 2 scrambled eggs in the microwve at work for 1 minute and 35 seconds and they turned out that bluish greenish gray color. In this case I think they were over cooked as the microwave at work seem to be higher power


As long as the egg is cooked to the doneness necessary to safely cook the pork, this is a fine process. Someone will surely say that if the egg sits out it will be unsafe. In fact, you have a window of several hours, especially if it was cold to start. The scenario of putting the egg in while the rice is in the 'Hold' phase DOES sound a little risky, ...


You may want to run a knife gently through the batter to pop any air bubbles before baking. While not included in all chiffon/angle food cake recipes, directions to remove large air pockets by running a knife through the batter in the pan before baking is not that unusual.


From personal experience, I have baked scrambled eggs for large numbers of people (100+ in some instances). I used a recipe similar to this, literally the first link that came up when googled. I have used steamers in the past but found the oven easier for consistency sake, without having to seek out new equipment.


As MikeTheLiar mentioned, a steamer would help for this: If you have more than one pan to cook them in of the same width & length by different depths, and they're not thin disposable containers, you might try making your own bain marie (double boiler) : Place the larger one across the burner or two, and put an inch or so of water in it. (you should ...


I highly recommend using a steamer if you have access to one, but if you don't have it, you don't have it. The good news is that the process for making scrambled eggs on the stove is about the same no matter how many eggs you're making - add as much beaten eggs as you're comfortable stirring in the pan, cook over low heat stirring occasionally. The major ...


This was also true in Spain. I do know that our own backyard hens have this deep orangish color yoke because they have access to the outdoors, greens, and bugs, I think only factory farmed eggs are pale yellow and I wonder if the EU has regulations about factory farming chickens.

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