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I just got plain old beef fat from butcher shop. Fat scraps I put in a pot filled with water to just above the fat at just boiling point not any longer than not to burn the fat. Do not boil to long to prevent evaporation of any of the oil. Let cool at room temperature until the oil rises to the top and hardens and then removed. Return the fat with adding ...


It definitely depends on the kind of schmaltz you are having, but to be honest I never have seen schmaltz gone bad, even after several years. I have had schmaltz in the fridge for over a year and it was still perfectly fine. I'd suggest the following: follow your gut. Just look at it and check for the usual signs. In order: Does it look normal (no mold, no ...


I'm not certain about the older ones, but frozen schmaltz should be fine for a while, at least a few months.

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