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Swedish/Finnish dinner pancakes

Here's the original: -Ole varovainen, sanoi Muumimamma Muumille tämän lähtiessä. -Tule pian takaisin, minä teen lettuja iltapalaksi. Be careful, said Moominmamma to Moomintroll as he was leaving. ...
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Looking for a Finnish bread name and recipe

Sounds like kalakukko. From Wikipedia : Kalakukko is a traditional food from the Finnish region of Savonia made from fish baked inside a loaf of bread. The Cornish pasty from Cornwall has the same ...
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Swedish/Finnish dinner pancakes

Surely it would be pannukakku, the custardy vanilla pancake that is oven baked. The basic formula per serving is 1/4 cup flour/1/4 cup milk/1 egg. It is eaten, and loved, for breakfast, lunch, or ...
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