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Do some fish smell "fishier"? Why?

Fish is the best there is. It should not have a vulgar or odor or a taste anything other than fish which is very good. Before cooking you may detect a light smell just as you encounter while around ...
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Can fish be inflated with saltwater like meat?

Yes. Cheap seafood is frequently treated with sodium triphosphate which causes it to absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, "plumping" it. This causes it to shrink and become soggy when ...
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Time and temperature required to kill parasites in fish?

Anisakis is a tough parasite. According to the CDC you have to cook to 145°F/63°C to instantly kill Anisakis parasites, not 60°C. This study I found has a great deal of information about fish ...
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Can fish fingers include head meat?

In general, meat products (including fish) can be cut, or conglomerated. Cut implies butchering, and subdividing into pieces, conglomerating is what Macdonald's does when they put a slaughtered ...
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