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What safety precautions should be taken when attempting to flambe at home?

Kev's answer mentions the most important aspects, but I'd like to add another observation that I believe is very important. Do not pour the liquor straight from the bottle into the pan. Not only is it ...
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What is the name of a dish where meat is doused with brandy and lit on fire?

Steak Diane I first had Steak Diane at the Brown Palace in Denver long ago. I have made it several times and found the brandy flavor is overwhelmed by the other flavors. If you want the liquor ...
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How is flambéing different from just adding alcohol?

What is the difference between just adding brandy to burning it with regard to taste? Time and theatric impact (flambe is often done table side in a restaurant) are the big difference. Flambe: very ...
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What safety precautions should be taken when attempting to flambe at home?

In addition to what other answers mention, I'd also recommend using a long match or a lighter with a long stem (as used for lighting fires). You don't want your fingers close to the pan when the ...
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Flambéing wine to cook off alcohol

I am from Burgundy and I have never heard of flambéing the beef bourguignon! But after all why not. It is definitely possible to flambé wine, and it does make the process of "burning" the ...
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Flambéing wine to cook off alcohol

You can flambé wine when it's hot enough. We use this method for making a red wine reduction sauce (a slow boil for a while until the gas burner ignites the vapors, then continue to reduce). The ...
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