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Questions on understanding and manipulating the flavor of foods. Not for "what goes with X?" which is generally off-topic. Please don't use if the only connection is that you want better-tasting food, this is implied in every question on the site.

This tag should be used for questions that are about fundamental flavor concepts, such as how to enhance, mask, or eliminate a particular flavor.

Most questions about food or cooking are, to some degree, about flavor. This tag should only be added to questions that are about flavor or taste in an specific context, especially ones related to basic tastes and well-known aromas. Questions about spices do not need this tag; the tag is preferred.

Avoid the use of this tag as a synonym for varieties ("flavors of X"),.

Avoid asking "what goes with X?" or "what will make this taste better?" - these are too broad and will generally be closed.

Questions about flavor must make a reasonable effort to describe a specific goal, not merely ask what will be good. For example, "how can I bring out the fruity flavors in this cake?" is good, but "what would taste good on this cake?" is not. See for more information.

Also, if your question is about how to make food which has a better flavor, please do not use this tag, as that would mean that all question on the site fall under it, rendering the tag meaningless. Instead, use the tag only when the question concentrates on a very specific flavor.