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What gives the gel like substance in tomato its flavour, how to utilise it when cooking?

Jose Andres, world renown chef and humanitarian, wrote in one of his early tapas cookbooks that he and his colleagues made the same discovery when working with tomatoes at El Bulli early in his career....
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Due to allergies, I'm limited to avocado mayo, it taste like drywall, what can I do to make it palatable?

I just ate a tuna sandwich with that Chosen brand avocado oil mayo and the taste is almost as though there is too much vinegar. Its much more tart and eating it straight out of the jar to get a taste, ...
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What can I do about my silicone spatulas' terrible taste?

Lemon juice and baking soda worked for me. I made a paste of ReaLemon lemon juice and baking soda, rubbed it on, let it stand for about 30 minutes, and rinsed well. Helped a lot. I don't think it ...
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