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1 and say potassium sorbate can have a sweet odor. According to Wikipedia, some yeasts can change potassium sorbate into pentadiene, which has a typical odor of kerosene or petroleum.


IMO, it's about firstly, temperature, and secondly, cooking time. Proposed solution is in the last paragraph. =-) Explanation: non-stick pans (referring to the coated type), while being convenient, is not steel to oil, thus the oil is not heated at the required temperature consistently for the required length of time. This affects the crispness that you ...


Making dehydrated vs. sun dried tomatoes: Dehydrated tomatoes appeared later than sun dried tomatoes, in part due to the added complexity in how they are made. For dehydrated tomatoes, the tomatoes are washed, then passed through long tunnels in which they are exposed to a current of warm air. It is a speedier alternative to the sun dried variety, and ...


As pointed out by bruglesco, you can't fake proper fois gras. However, you can make a paté that's sometimes known as 'Faux Gras'. It typically includes a lot of butter (often clarified), and chicken livers. (Google 'faux gras' for recipes.) It's not quite Fois Gras, but it's not bad either.


Foie Gras is fatty goose or duck liver. There is no machine or process to make it. It is harvested from the animals themselves. Restaurants have providers for their product. You will have to find one for yourself. I know of no legitimate substitute for Foie Gras that anyone would not care about. People pay a lot of money for Foie Gras and would be quite ...

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