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Yes, you absulutly can add flavor to your cooking oil. Slightly heat the oil, remove from heat and add the spice you want. It works good with chili flakes (chinese style chili oil) and herbs like rose mary and also garlic.


Overcooking Ginger is the cause Ginger if overcooked in sauce masala, tea etc gets bitter and loses its flavour. Garlic can be burnt a little and it gives a good flavour (umami taste i think)


Searching for "substitute fresh cranberry for cranberry juice" (because that's the actual substitution you need to make) gives you this nifty recipe for cranberry juice. Proportion is 1:2 w/v ratio on fresh or frozen berries as juice equivalent (100g berries = 200mL juice). CHECK THE LABEL of your juice to verify the ingredients just to be safe - if you ...


Make your own from whole spices. Whole spices hang on to their flavor a lot longer than ground. Less surface area in contact with air means less chance for oxidation and flavor loss. Figure out what you like in a garam masala and buy the spices whole then grind them and mix them right before you need them. Another trick for extra flavor with the whole ...


I think we’re up against this mis-interpretation of the word ‘sweet’ again. Garam masala is a blend of aromatics you add towards the end of cooking. Many of the ingredients are the same as a generic curry powder, but emphasis on aromatics, so you get some elements of those spices in a long cook plus a quick burst of new aroma. Its shelf life is ...

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