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I was the same way as the OP and found the lighter coloured Roma tomatoes to suit my tastes best. Very mild tomato flavour even in the brighter red ones. I don't much like tomatoes but I love Roma tomatoes!


"The smell of the sea" as romanticised by those of us who visit the shore infrequently, is really that of rotting seaweed & dead sea animals... So, that aside, which aspect of "the smell of the sea" are you really trying to recreate? It could be as simple as 'make it smell a bit fishy' for which almost any South East Asian fish sauce will do. [It will ...


It's also incredibly good in Mujadara, a Middle Eastern dish of lentils and rice. I'm assuming it's whole cumin, though, that you'll grind yourself; if it's preground, it may well have already lost its flavor.


Any number of different cuisines have cumin as a base spice. Anything from Tex/Mex to Arabian to Indian. It's also used in plenty of Italian and Chinese dishes, just not quite as much.


Cumin is the spice that, to me, makes taco meat taste like taco meat. Whenever I make ground beef tacos I use lots of it. It also tastes really good with sautéed potatoes.


Salt your water heavily - probably more heavily than you've been doing. Don't rinse your pasta. Don't salt your sauces too heavily, because the pasta itself will be saltier. Don't put oil in the water - it doesn't do anything. But salt your water a bunch.


So! I found out I cannot taste saccharin when I was being fitted for my m95 mask at work. They use 'sweets' aka aerosolized saccharin to test the fit. Guess who failed? (Me) This has caused me to try other things, leading to stevia. I taste nothing sweet. I will get the stevia in the raw and it tastes like metallic flour to me. Mine is related to genetics, ...

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