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As Juliana mentioned in a comment, the weight (mass) of a particular volume (in this case 1 cup) of something depends on its density. If you are measuring water, which has a very consistent density, then you can convert easily. If you are measuring walnuts, which could be packed tightly or loosely, then the conversion will have to be very rough. Flour is ...


I'm going to guess that your grandson is "gluten intolerant", and that you did some research and discovered that gluten-free baking often uses xanthan gum as a substitute for the structural effects of gluten in wheat flour. Which is true, but not relevant to your situation. When you use flour in gravy, gluten formation is unwanted. (That's one of ...


Use .25 to 1 percent xanthan gum to thicken. Once you get above 1.5%, you might find the texture unpleasant. Start on the low end. Give it some time after the addition of xanthan, before you decide you need more. It is easy to over-do it, with the result being a snot-like texture. It will also be more viscous at rest, than it is when stirred. Rather than ...


Acid actually weakens gluten...makes it easier to stretch. This explanation indicates that pH of 5 to 6 is ideal for gluten development (7 is neutral). A pH above or below that range will make gluten more extensible, not necessarily stronger. See also this for more information on additives to dough.


No, it will not inhibit gluten formation. On the contrary, it will make much stronger gluten strands. In fact, if you want the strongest gluten, you have to go either quite sour (pH 3.5) or quite alkalic (I don't remember the exact number). Working on the alkalic side of things is impractical in the kitchen, so there are very few applications (kansui or ...


Yes, adding acid shortens gluten strands. If you try making Naan, for example, with too much yoghurt, the dough doesn't form quite as well. However the biggest way to inhibit gluten development is with using the correct flour and the correct techniques.

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