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Sheep are raised almost exclusively on grass, whereas beef cattle (particularly the kind that will be turned into thin slices, rather than overpriced steaks) will be finished on grain feed. Grass-fed beef and mutton will have yellow-tinged fat while grain-fed beef will have white fat. So if one of the meats has a slightly yellower fat, that's almost ...


Guar gum has a particular grassy/earthy/beany smell, whereas xanthan gum is much closer to odorless.


So... Based on our comments, I'm answering. I think what you're looking for is literally deep fried tofu skin or bean curd sheets. Tofu is literally the result of heating soy milk (made from beans) and curdling it with a chemical (called nigari in Japanese) or an acid and then pressing excess liquid out of the curd. And if that sounds like making a fresh ...

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