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Just wanted to state in addendum to all the comments and answers already given, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and calcium sulfate are all classified as GRAS per the FDA.


I'll add an answer that doesn't address your question directly, but does address the underlying concern: If patrons regularly discard part of the dish, you should ask why. With hard boiled eggs cooked in a large scale cafeteria kitchen it's easy to overcook the eggs, just leaving them in the water for hours on end. This results in a greyish, crumbly and ...


Cooked egg yolks can be frozen, in order to preserve them for a short a mount of time (I wouldn't store them frozen for long, though.) After thawing they can be used for anything a 'fresh' cooked egg yolk could be used, even though the consistence might change during the freezing process. I used frozen cooked egg yolks for something like egg salad, potato ...


Unless you use them in other recipes (for example, google for "what to do with extra egg yolks") there's not much else to do with them. IMO, The best way to keep them longer would be to salt cure them and use them as a condiment on salad, pasta...

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