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Safety of letting cooked food go cold

An hour is generally considered fine. Recommendations are to refrigerate within 2 hours of cooking or removing from a safely hot serving dish. Type of food makes a difference, in that those considered ...
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How to best fry burger patties/ cutlets?

"We eat meat seldom so we only buy high quality beef, freshly minced at the butchers store, if that is of importance to the question." It's extremely important -- properly butchered high ...
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How to best fry burger patties/ cutlets?

I have to admit I don't either measure the temperature nor the exact time a burger is cooked for; I use experience & a prod with a finger. When it looks & feels right, it's done. I would very ...
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Are frozen berries safe in overnight oats?

In your scenario the berries never go above fridge temperature so there are no safety concerns.
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Can meat with the pink cooked out, still be at an unsafe temperature?

TLDR: no, color and texture are indicators, but the "academic" answer is to use a thermometer and use meat from a source you trust. The simple answer to your question is that there is no ...
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

You are using a process known as "canning". (That you are using jars rather than cans is mostly immaterial; the purpose and principles of the process are the same.) Canning preserves food by ...
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

It's completely possible. Sealing by itself doesn't preserve the food, effective processing does, then the seal keeps it from regaining any microbes which could cause spoilage. If your food is sealed ...
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

Yes, it's possible. If the soup is producing gas and smelling bad, then it's bad, even if it hasn't popped the seal yet.
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Why would someone want a 15" vacuum sealer over a 12"?

95% of the time, a 12" meets my needs. But when I want to make pork belly bacon, most slabs don't fit in the 11"-wide bags without folding. 15" handles briskets and pork bellies easier. ...
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Can I dehydrate homemade sausage with a dehydrator?

The comment about dehydraters not being intended for meat is not quite correct. I have made copious amounts of Jerky, as well as dehydrated king prawns for a delicious prawn powder. I suspect that the ...
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Could frying oil seep through food?

In a properly cooked, deep fried item, the internal temperature cannot exceed the boiling point of water (100C or 212F), and we are often looking to cook to a lower temperature than that to avoid over ...
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What is the minimum processing time for salsas?

Time is not a reliable indicator for for botulism safety. The critical factor is heat penetration which depends on container volume and shape as well as time and temperature. I worked on the ...
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For what culinary reason, if any, would a product list wildly different "use by dates" in different languages?

As promised in a comment, I have an update that I'm posting as an answer for formatting and length reasons. Someone in a Discord I frequent had an unrelated meeting with the Belgian FAVV, the Federal ...
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