This happens because the inside of the stem soaks up water, increasing its volume. The outside cannot soak up water, and stays at the same volume. This is pure physics/geometry and happens in many other occasions - dandelions come to mind when thinking of plants, but the same happens in stockinette knitting. It is because it is a shape similar to a flat ...


The only reason I can think of against it is that your dried morels will have dirt in them and will contaminate your broth. After the mushrooms have been re-hydrated, pick them up careful from the broth (they usually float). Then, strain the broth using a coffee filter or a fine mesh strainer (@moscafj). Use the remaining broth for your risotto.


Boiling in a large amount of water is probably the most efficient method. The water should be boiling to avoid spoilage and to promote fast diffusion, and there should be a lot of it to maximize the rate of diffusion. (Alternatively, you could replace the water one or more times during the process) Cutting up the pieces will speed up the process, but if time/...

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