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As long as your vegetables are submerged, you will be fine and there really is no difference. You will likely need to place something on top to keep the vegetables under the brine. Often a "pickling crock" will come with weights that fit inside, but anything will work. By way of example, I simply use one of these containers for my vegetables and ...


Those sound like fairly specific and advanced topics for the age range provided. These standard guidelines might help you with a way to think about how to approach this. With some knowledge about what kids should learn at various levels, you can determine how kitchen experiences could meet those needs. I don't know if this question will remain open. In ...


I think the hollow comes from air expanding while frying the dough. At first I thought it was made like an Italian bucatini (with a die), but watching videos showing how Thaenkuzhal is made, I think it's only air expanding


It's simple: people in hot countries eat dark chocolate. In Southern Italy, chocolate is dark as coal and almost as hard. Mexican chocolate classically contains only cocoa, sugar, and spices. Well-tempered dark chocolate, without dairy products, wax, or other additives with low melting points, melts at a higher temperature than your Kit-Kat does. Per ...


It looks like, you have very large ice crystals forming. One thing I’ve noticed in the recipe is the sugar content is rather on the lower-end. Around 80 g from the honey and 36 g from the coconut paste. Almost 10% by weight. Normally what you expect is 15-20%. The amount of dissolved sugar in the base will help lowering the freezing point. Before ...


If you want firmer Gummies cook to a higher temp and add modified cornstarch or cleargel after cooking alsobe sure to bloom your gelatin. I am a former Candy maker with 20 years experience. You can find cleargel on amazon or if you have a local gourmet store they may carry it.

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