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1 ltr Milk is not curdling even after squeezing 2 lemons; What could possibly wrong?

1L UHT MILK + 1 Tbsp LIME JUICE = CHEESE CURDS seriously, to everyone who only have uht milk, don't bother with the lemon and vinegar, etc. it doesn't work, i just tried it. i squeezed 1 whole lemon + ...
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Resealing canned food in Aluminum bags?

You can’t. The moment you open the can, the safe contents get exposed to the environment, and the same food safety rules apply as for freshly cooked food, which means no longer safe (not necessarily ...
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Resealing canned food in Aluminum bags?

Cans, pouches and jars are sterilized once they are closed to kill any pathogens, which is why they store as long as they do. Once you open them the magic is lost as they'll be exposed to bacteria and ...
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