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We have a variety of whole chillies which we have frozen over 2 years ago. I read that 6 months is top to freeze them, however they still have all their colour and flavour. We cut them with scissors into tiny pieces whilst still frozen and pop them into quite a few of our dishes. The chillies we have are scotch bonnet and jalapeño, and a few different ones ...


Fridges circa that era didn't have a dedicated freezer compartment, instead they had a section in the main compartment, where you could utilize those trays, in or under. This Google search should give a better idea. These trays were used for ice, for which we have a modern resemblances. With the recipe I think they mean that you don't have to empty your ...


I ran a quick search on ebay Images. Looks like a refrigerator tray is a shallow glass or enameled dish. I saw a few plastic ones, also from the 60s-70s.

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