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Cheesecake "blooms" overnight or at least 8 hours in the refrigerator. It becomes thicker and has that cheesecake thickness with tiny pockets of air that make it so heavenly and creamy. I have never been able to get that quality without letting it sit for a long time in the refrigerator. Fast cooling just doesn't let it set and bloom.


No issues, as long as you control the temperature and remain outside the danger zone. In other words, can you cold smoke below 40F (4.5C)? Time in the danger zone is cumulative. Freezing does not re-set the clock. If you can't stay out of the danger zone during the smoke step, I would smoke, sous vide, then freeze. This is probably a more common ...


I have used frozen fruits in syrups and smoothies after over a year in the freezer with good results. They will likely not keep their shape when they thaw, so something where you want a fruit puree will work best.


The main effect that reduces the quality of food that is stored in the freezer is freezer burn. This is basically dehydration, caused by the very dry air in the freezer. Any container that seals airtight prevents this from happening, so your vegetables should stay good. With glass containers, you may have to be careful to prevent them from cracking. If ...


Even on the shelf chocolate has a very long life, at least months if not years. When it does go bad, it becomes chalky, but is still not dangerous. In the freezer it should last more or less indefinitely.


I froze some milk chocolate buds in 1999, took them out today. No sign of freezer burn, looked and smelled good, so I tasted one. Tastes like original. No side effects.


You can freeze tallow. Dehydration and the freeze-thaw cycle of home freezers are the enemies of long term storage. You can't stop the freeze-thaw cycle, but if you minimize exposure to dehydration (freezer burn) by storing full containers, or even vacuum packing, you can keep them that way for quite a while. You added a picture, which is helpful. I ...

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