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I think that's it bars are just natural and have an expiration date quicker than most other bars with preservatives. They would be in jail by now if they were lying because the workers there would report them.


It's worth noting that from a food safety perspective, washing is not about eliminating all harmful bacteria and viruses, but reducing their amount to the extent possible (in addition to removal of pesticides, debris such as dirt, etc). Many pathogens cling to things like dirt better than fruit or vegetable skin, so even in the example of raspberries, ...


For the most part, rinsing produce in cold water is for the purpose of removing pesticides and soil that may contain bacteria. You're not washing off bacterial colonies - whole peel-on vegetables and fruit have a protective coating (the peel) which prevents them from growing for the most part. However, dirt particles may contain bacteria - particularly if, ...


Yeast on the surface of fruit and even flowers is a quite normal occurrence. For a start, I would recommend fruit that are commonly fermented for alcoholic drinks, so my first choice would be apples or grapes - also because they are quite easily obtained. Note that the yeast is on the skins, so using just peels or small fruit like berries or grapes is better....


Dried persimmon have a white bloomy coat or soon will after purchase. This gal produces 'water yeast' for baking; details about her attempt with persimmon:


A possible answer that is very practical for those who shop in British supermarkets is bilberries. These tend to be covered with a white powder which surely almost certainly contains a lot of yeast. I am in the process of testing this hypothesis.


There’s a clear answer on the food safety part: Not safe. All unintended fermentation is potentially bad - you don’t know what exactly started to grow in your jars, just that something did - so the food safety verdict must be “not safe”. If you want to prevent such an event in the future, stick to approved recipes and follow proper cleaning and preparation ...

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