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I've found info that you shouldn't cook food with high or low pH, i.e. acidic or alcali food and also concentrated salts in teflon, so don't put marinades, brines, pickles in there. Probably tomato sauce too as tomatoes are acidic (not sure about this one). So that creates a problem when you wanna cook meat soaked in marinade and you've got teflon.


I'd argue that you don't need any form of non-stick pan. But it can make some things easier ... frittata, crêpes, etc. And people who are on a low-fat diet may prefer non-stick pans so they can prepare their food without needing fats to keep it from sticking. You argue that teflon lasts longer than the newer non-stick ceramic pans, but like anything, how ...


Personal preference. I own several frying pan from both materials, but the ceramic ones are much more elegant and beauty. Because of that, I only use it in special ocasions or when photographing.


For people who believe that Teflon causes health issues and ceramic does not, ceramic becomes the better choice.

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