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One thing that worked for me is, using egg wash instead of egg (aka thinning the egg with a few tbs of liquid). The egg by itself was too thick, it clung to itself instead of sticking to the food so there wasn't enough remaining on the surface to keep the breading on. I don't know if this will help crispiness - it might, having a better breading coat to ...


oh the trick is to first dip the chicken in flour, then egg, then coating mix. If you have some time, give the coating 10-15 seconds to settle while it's in your hand. You also need to double fry the piece of chicken, start at a lower time until the chicken cooks, around 300, cool for 2-3 minutes, then turn it up to 375-425 depending on the batter until it'...


I recently cooked beef meatballs in beef broth, following a combination of Polish recipes. They baked in a tomato sauce after the broth. They were fantastic, tender and juicy. I was wondering why, which led me to this page. I think the broth may have removed some of the fat, and added flavor rather than taking it away.


Your keen attention while cooking, and brave fast thinking action to unplug the fryer prevented a potentially nasty accident; exploding cooking oil in a fryer is no joke. Rule of thumb, always completely defrost and drain liquid from frozen foods, before deep frying. This is especially true for porous prepared foods like potato balls; lots of spaces for ...

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