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In addition to the idea being unhealthy and a fire hazard (both properly discussed in the other answers), there is one more consideration: In order to fry something, the oil has to be way hotter than the boiling water temperature (e.g. 250-300 deg C) and still safely below the oil's own boiling point. Lemon oil will boil below 170 deg C and you don't have a ...


Essential oils are toxic in larger quantities. This is simply the first google hit. A few milliliters can seriously harm small children; there have been deaths from larger amounts given to little children by misguided parents. An adult will not die as quickly but a few milliliters more may require a visit to a doctor or hospital.


It would be dangerous to attempt to fry in lemon oil Lemon & other citrus oils are primarily (90+%) made up of Limonene, which has a "fire diamond" of 🟦2-🟥2-🟨0: 🟥 Flammable The red 2 indicates flammability: Must be moderately heated or exposed to relatively high ambient temperature before ignition can occur (e.g. diesel fuel, paper, ...


Lemon essential oil is composed primarily of limonene. Limonene is a skin irritant at high concentration, so you wouldn't want to put it in your mouth. Limonene is also volatile enough to limit its use as a frying medium, and the vapor would cause severe lung irritation. It would perhaps make more sense to add a bit of lemon oil to your frying oil, but again,...

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