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How can I remove blood from snow goose breasts within a few hours?

If you wanted to make certain of getting all of the blood out of the the meat, then I would suggest going with the process used by Jewish people to make meat kosher as they are forbidden from eating ...
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How to quickly thaw frozen goose?

Set it into the largest pot you own (that it will fit in) and fill the pot with cold tap water. Set it in your sink or set the pot on top of towels on the counter (to collect the condensation from the ...
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How long to roast a whole goose?

First of all, cooking times are always only guidelines. The rule is always, "Cook it until it's done". The USDA suggests a finished internal temperature of 165 F (74 C). USDA recommends cooking ...
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How long should I cook a half goose?

As @ElendilTheTall says, very correctly, cooking to time is a bad idea. However, it's good to have a working time figure for planning. In the case of goose the timeline is to cook 20-25 minutes per ...
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How to organize Goose and Duck for a Dinner?

At my household, we used to roast duck whole, and it took many hours. Nowadays, we split our duck in half before placing it in the oven, which obviously takes less time to cook. You can use 135C on ...
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How long should I cook a half goose?

However long it takes in your oven for your particular piece of meat to reach 165ºF/75ºC in the thickest part. Roasting by time is a terrible way to cook because there are far too many variables. Buy ...
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How to cook frozen goose

If you have this situation again, the Icelanders have wonderful recipes for something called "grafin gæs", which is effectively a goose version of gravlax, i.e. curing and no cooking! It is excellent ...
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