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Granola - how to reduce sugar

One good method that can help you get solid results is grinding some of the oats in your recipe into oat flour. Grinding the oats allows the starches in the oats to absorb liquids, which then swell ...
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What is the fuzz on my homemade granola?

Did you put the granola away while it was still warm? The inside of the container may have collected moisture while the granola cooled to room temperature, causing mold to form.
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How to clump store-bought granola?

this might just work: let's say there's about a half-cup (or just over 100 ml) of crumbs preheat your oven to 200F (about 90C) with the door closed take a paper towel and tear it in half get one ...
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Granola - how to reduce sugar

I have a technique to suggest that doesn't involve altering any recipe. I believe this will work with higher hydration (with your egg white idea), or with your current recipe. After you've laid the ...
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how to make health bar hold (stick) together

If I read your question correctly, you are wanting to create something more like a commercial "granola bar" and not like a cake. Warm your honey and butter till it flows smoothly and you can mix it ...
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how to make health bar hold (stick) together

I would advise omitting the cream, as you mentioned yourself. It's a liquid, and combined with the ground sunflower seeds, eggs, butter, honey, and vanilla in the bottom of the pan, chances are good ...
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