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Would a small solid block of metal on an electric stove transfer enough heat to a round bottom wok?

It would need really very good contact with both the wok and the electric ring. That would be hard to machine. For rings that radiate (i.e. ones that glow), they'll reduce the radiant heart reaching ...
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Pressure canning issue with weight and timing

It sounds like your pressure canning is incomplete. I would not depend on it to stay shelf stable without processing it correctly. However, you can run the batch of applesauce again with no harm. Also,...
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Pressure canning issue with weight and timing

According to Pressure canning applesauce requires 5 minutes at pressure for pints (half-litres) and 10 minutes at pressure for quarts (litres) It can ...
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Do pizza / baking stones really keep the oven temperature more consistent? Does it make baking any better?

I've heard this quite frequently but I've never seen someone test it until I poked around after seeing your question - I found this blog from 2011 where someone tested their oven temperature stability ...
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