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I don’t know what you dug up, but rosemary doesn’t have bulbs so do not eat this! For plant id questions (which is outside the scope of this site), I recommend our sister site Gardening SE.


Don't consume unknown plants for safety reasons, not even ones identified by a random stranger on the internet! It is very difficult to identify plants based just on leaves alone, generally for a certain identification you need stems, flowers and/or seeds to be absolutely certain Having said that: These look very much like young Mallow leaves (Malva from the ...


Googling 香茜 ("Wu Chinese") and 芫荽 ("Chinese") yields the wikipedia page for coriander in both cases. Coriander is also known as cilantro in parts of the world, which causes some confusion with culantro. Parsley is a different plant.


This also looks like Centella asiatica or Indian pennywort, which is used as a culinary vegetable and as a medicinal herb.


We make good mixed stir fry potatoes and green garlic leaves. We often use fresh leaves in different days (soup) , use as toppings on pizza, make green garlic chutanies. Air dry garlic leaves after cutting, wrap in a cloth and then refrigerate or freeze in off season.


Virginia Creeper can be toxic if eaten. Both the leaves and berries should be considered poisonous and not eaten. According to Although they are pretty, Virginia creeper and wisteria can be harmful if they are chewed or swallowed. Both plants can cause mouth pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and should not be eaten. Both the berries and ...


Depending on how thick the stems are, they might get quite hard and taste "wooden". They also get more bitter the more you travel down the stem. So, don't be super picky when discarding stems, but don't be too generous either. I usually discard stems when they start to get somewhat rigid when you try to bend them. Here's an article I quickly found on the ...


If you're baking them I think there is a strong chance the color will change no matter what. But you might consider sugaring them first. To do that separate an egg or two and whip the whites to frothy. Paint the petals with the whipped egg whites and coat with superfine sugar. The trick here is to reduce the water in the flowers as well as the water activity ...


The best way of getting coriander root is to grow your own coriander on a sunny windowsill; don't bother trying to use it for your cooking as it'll go from scrawny and unable to offer up any leaves, to suddenly it's bolted if you turn your back. Just leave it, you'll then get seeds that you can dry and great roots. I've grown the Calypso variety from seed, ...

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