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It's very common to season steaks or other meats with salt and pepper after cooking, there would be nothing unusual about that. There are also seasoned salt mixes which people may use as well, that's also common. Using other spices is less common, there are finishing spice mixes which could be sprinkled on, which is less common. As a writer myself I would ...


There are a few things that I can think that you might legitimately add after you've cooked the skewers: fresh herbs, chopped fine (for color / decoration (aka. 'garnish') & to add a "fresh" quality) spices that would burn over high heat (black pepper being one of them) sauces, to add moisture. (especially those with sugars that might burn ...


Sometimes you forget an ingredient when cooking something. If the ingredient is a spice, herb or flavor extract, you might sprinkle a bit of it on after the dish is fully cooked. The character could also say, "Oops, I forgot to add the ___. I'll just sprinkle it on now, and you won't even notice the difference." It's especially plausible if they ...


Microwave the bowl, or let it sit in a pot of boiling water, to loosen it so you can remove most of the gunk. Soaking in hot water for a while will remove the rest.


The character is not good at cooking. He made all kind of obvious mistakes, like not pating the meat before searing it, burning the garlic, not drying the lettuce. So, anything weird will be attribute to his inexperience.


In this case irrelevant as the end product is cooked/heated anyway. While heating to liquify honey works, a better way to make crystallized honey more creamy and spreadable is to scrape or stir it. At least in Germany (and I think in the rest of the EU, too) your normal store bought honey is not allowed to be heat treated at all, until specially mentioned.

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