Honeycombs are the bees’ “storage containers”, i.e. cells out of beeswax filled with honey. Beeswax melts at around 62-64 C (144-147 F), so its no surprise that the combs melted in hot tea. From a food-safety perspective, beeswax is totally harmless. The (purified) wax “cera alba” is used in foods, medicine (even in bone surgery!) and cosmetics. The ...


I have just enjoyed some of my 20+ year old cut comb honey from our own bees. Although dark in colour, it was excellent


Ok so this is what I did, and it worked :) Gently cut/scrape the outer caps with knife Mashed the comb with a fork and moved it into a fine sieve, placed over a bowl Put it in the oven on a very low heat <35 degrees Celsius for 30 min This happened over 2 days, I would gently warm it, then mash it a little and move it around so that it kept seeping out. ...


It's normal for some layering in home made foamed sugar (hokey pokey, honeycomb etc.) The problem is that you can't stir it quick enough to get an even distribution of acid to alkaline (the bubble making process) throughout the mixture before it cools to the point you can't stir it Factories use fancy heated augur style stirrers to avoid this, and they don'...


Well we just opened up a vacuum seeped container of honeycomb with honey. Always heard that honey doesn't go bad so we dug in. It was so bitter and the comb virtually disintigrated. So, we knew honey is good basically forever but honeycomb IS NOT! I am just really hoping we don't get sick.

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