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In an Indian restaurant in US they might use the same gravy, but back home it is different gravies.


These are all post-colonization dishes and are in their nature fusion dishes, therefore aren't authentically a part of historic Indian cuisine. This is also why a butter paneer at one restaurant tastes drastically different than the other. The post-colonization mire-poix-style equivalent core content for North Indian dishes is up to this part of what you're ...


Both three have some differences,they are not same in taste, texture and appearance. Paneer butter masala is a rich, creamy,cashew based gravy where red chilli powder and tomato gravy are used to prepare. Paneer butter masala taste less sweet, little spicy and having a thick smooth gravy. It is light red in colour. And mutter paneer is a no sweet, spicy in ...


I have been experimenting for a long time and this is the perfect biryani: 1kg meat 400g yogurt 1 cup of water 3/4 cups of oil and ghee Your biryani spice 600 g of basmati rice Marinate overnight. The following day, boil the rice in two batches 200g for 4 minutes and the remaining rice for 6 minutes. layer your raw meat on the bottom of your cooking vessel,...

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