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Despite the name, swamp eels are not true eels, and hence they are unrelated to the Japanese eel (unagi). As far as I can tell they are also unknown in Japan and not used for food there. That said, the Japanese kabayaki style of cooking most commonly associated with eels is also applied to any number of long, skinny, fishy creatures. So I'd say give it a ...


I don't think there's anything specific to worry about with bread dough. The important point is the temperature: if you're considering adding an ingredient that you normally wouldn't let sit out at room temperature for 18 hours for food safety reasons (and/or because it might start tasting "off"), you probably should add that ingredient toward the end by ...


Toss those. That does not sound normal at all. But, possibly, ask someone else to smell them as well. Cheers


I'd say it's not normal. The field the onions were grown in probably were fertilized with (too much) manure. I'd throw the onions away.

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