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I contacted Pampered Chef customer service; they asked for a photo, and they determined that it was a defect and they are sending me a new replacement. So they are being on the safe side.


Try Magic Eraser Sponges, available at most stores that sell cleaning supplies. They really ARE magic for things like this very often! Worth the effort.


Unless, I'm not seeing something in the photo, those appear to be scratches and not cracks. I don't see any reason to doubt the integrity of the stoneware.


Probably not, plus it will get worse over time. I've an old George Foreman with similar marking. Neither oxygen nor chlorine bleach works - plus it smells. The only thing that very slightly works is a good hard scrub with something quite aggressive, oven cleaner or barman's friend etc, which will eventually take all the paint off. You'll just have to live ...


Yes it is safe, all microwaves work on the same principle, and use the same range of radio frequencies to heat food. All microwaves used to be flatbeds, most commercial microwaves are still flatbeds, so you have nothing to worry about.

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