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Marinating is basically a surface treatment. Marinades don't penetrate more than a millimeter or two. Most flavor molecules are just too large. So, if you like the flavor after a short bath, just keep it at that. A longer marination generally doesn't help. Now, salt does penetrate, that is why brining works. However, don't confuse brining with marination....


Marination can have a number of purposes and mechanisms, the biggest four of which I'll talk about here: Salt, acid, enzymes and miscellaneous flavour compounds. Salt Salt can do a few things; firstly and most obviously, it seasons; salt tastes good, and it makes things that already taste good taste even better. Salt can also make meat hold on to liquid ...


I don't think there is anything wrong in the chicken. It is more likely that your sauce had a high percentage of acid, which denatured the chicken proteins. You just happened to make a chicken ceviche, so to speak. (For food safety reasons, I wouldn't eat it as ceviche though, but cook as usual).

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