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How to make rice crispy treats with no marshmallows, eggs or gelaten

Aquafaba Aquafaba (/ˌɑːkwəˈfɑːbə/) is the name for the viscous water in which legume seeds such as chickpeas have been cooked. Due to its ability to mimic functional properties of egg whites in ...
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Mini vs regular marshmallows

The nice thing about recipes that are using weight instead volume or numbers is that you can simply use scales to weigh the amount you need. If you absolutely don’t have a scale, I recommend you count ...
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Storing rice krispie treats

So from someone that has been making Rice Krispies Squares his whole life (Grandma taught me) Let's look at your typical ingredients: Rice Krispies: Does not need to be refrigerated Marshmallows: If ...
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Should I have been able to melt white chocolate and marshmallows together?

This is definitely possible, though I should add that the addition of melted butter would be crucial. Do not simply toss "raw" marshmallows into the melted white chocolate, as they will ...
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How to make marshmallow ice cream topping without it hardening in the icecream

I've seen this mentioned on the internet a couple of's not a topping, so you won't get the "swirl", but a way to add marshmallow into your ice cream, like in rocky road. Take ...
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Psyllium husk as gelatin replacement.

Do not use psyllium husk. It tastes terrible and no amount of sugar will mask the taste. Try using agar-agar instead, that's what vegans use for vegan marshmallows. In Asia, they sometimes use ...
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How to make rice crispy treats with no marshmallows, eggs or gelaten

If you don't have marshmallows, egg or gelatin do you have brown sugar butter vanilla and half-and-half? If so you can make a simple caramel that can bind your crispy treats. There are a variety ...
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How to turn homemade gelatin into powder

This is not an answerable question. how much liquid gelatin is equivalent to a pack of Jell-O This depends on the concentration, and you don't know it. It's probably not even worth trying to measure ...
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Why are my marshmallows getting crunchy after baking?

This sounds like your marshmallows are fully caramelizing on top of the cookie. I see two directions in which you could go. The first, and probably easier, is to add the marshmallows later in the ...
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Homemade Marshmallows Makes Soggy Rice Krispies Treats

The missing ingredient is starch. Thanks to hints from nick012000 and Juliana Karasawa Souza, I was able to produce a marshmallow that did not get the cereal wet when it melted. From what I ...
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How do I stop my Crispie/Crispy cake from going stale?

I usually store them in an airtight container, with wax paper underneath each layer. They keep very dry stored like this. It could be that your bag is not sealing 100%
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Whipped egg white snack texture and preservation

The treat you are describing I believe is a meringue. These little guys are tricky to get right the first time, as it is all about how long you cook them for and how finely you whip the egg white ...
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