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For reference @Cubic273.15, @AMtwo and @dbmag9 (s) answers all helped and the results were fine. The big chunky short ribs (see photo) held their temperature in the baking tray with the braising liquid while I was able to cook the Duchess Potatoes in 20 mins at 220 Celsius as explained in the question. Everything went out at the same time and was still warm ...


After having looked at both @Sneftel and @AMtwo (s) advice I went ahead and repeated the recipe like for like, this time without omitting the egg yolks. The results weren't perfect but were much better than last time with the potatoes retaining the majority of the starting shape as below. A larger piping nozzle also helped with the appearance. Many thanks ...


You are missing an option, which is to let the meat rest before serving and bake the potatoes at the right temperature. Most meats, especially beef, become more tender if they have a chance to rest, as it lets the fibers relax. This is true of slow cooked meat as well. So, your best option is to take the beef out, keep it covered and crank up the oven for ...


There is a reason the recipe must be baked at 220C rather than below 150C. The recipe to be baked at 220C to make it crisp. Allowing it to be baked at 135C even with prolonged exposure wouldn't work because it doesn't reach the temperature it needed. Otherwise, the game of "chicken slapping oven" would be true and defying the physic.

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