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Can raw eggs be made safe with hot sugar in an Italian meringue?

For the pasteurization of egg whites, the time required is at most 48 seconds at 140 F (60 C). (Source: FSIS, table on page 39) This means that you can easily use the method to know if you've ...
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Can raw eggs be made safe with hot sugar in an Italian meringue?

I would not consider this "pasteurization," which has a specific meaning in food science, but the method of "cooking" sugar to around 240°F or 116°C and threading it into an egg ...
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How do I keep my meringues from forming a “crust” on the outside and a void in the middle?

So, you have the observed situation that if you follow the method you always use, they always turn out this way. As others have already commented, your way is much hotter than the method I use to get &...
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Incorporating Italian meringue into mousse

I have had the same problems a few times, I think the issue here is the temperature of the sugar syrup, when I take my time and gradually reach an even temperature of 121 Celsius the meringue is ...
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Îles flottantes vs. oeufs à la neige

I was just trying to find the answer to the same question: are Iles flottantes the same as oeufs au neige? Hundreds of online recipes both English speaking world and French seem to suggest so... I was ...
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